Sentry on premise 9.0.0 (using docker) cannot integrate with jira data centre


According to the document here:, integration with jira should be an easy process. I have the jira plugins installed (jira and jira connect) but neither of these gives the options for linking to jira via application link as described in the document.

How can I get this working?



Are you sure this kind of integration is available in 9.0.0?

The documentation you’ve linked to is not how I use on-premise Sentry with JIRA: I have to configure it for each project, and use a dedicated Sentry user in JIRA.

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I was hoping it was - can you detail how you configure the integration between sentry and jira?



This documentation seems to describe what I’m using: (I think this documentation is not current, but the basic process is the same).

I’ve installed sentry-plugins to get it, you want a version that matches your version of Sentry.