Jira integration giving 500s

Im on a self hosted sentry instance on aws,i have built the ami from https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07JJDVVNJ and i have installed sentry-plugins package from https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-plugins so i can integrate with JIRA, i have setup the account for jira to integrate with, but on the issues i can’t create or link a JIRA issue, when i hit the url i get a unknown 500 error.

If i ssh into the server and run sentry upgrade i get the following.


> django.contrib.admin
> django.contrib.auth
> django.contrib.contenttypes
> django.contrib.messages
> django.contrib.sessions
> django.contrib.sites
> django.contrib.staticfiles
> crispy_forms
> debug_toolbar
> raven.contrib.django.raven_compat
> rest_framework
> sentry.plugins.sentry_interface_types
> sentry.plugins.sentry_mail
> sentry.plugins.sentry_urls
> sentry.plugins.sentry_useragents
> sentry.plugins.sentry_webhooks
> sudo
> south
Not synced (use migrations):
- sentry
- sentry.nodestore
- sentry.search
- social_auth
- sentry.tagstore
- sentry_plugins.hipchat_ac
- sentry_plugins.jira_ac
(use ./manage.py migrate to migrate these)

not sure how i should run these migrations though?

Also Sentry internal issues picked up some problems:

Hi! Since that AMI package is not created nor maintained by Sentry, it is hard to provide any perspective on what might be going wrong. I’d recommend setting a fresh Sentry instance yourself following the on-premise repo and then see if it works or not.