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Hello there! New member here :slight_smile:

I have just setup a sentry instance self-hosted (using pip, not docker, I know docker it’s the recommended way) and created a single superuser. I have, also, created a single Organization via visiting the appropriate url.
When logged out, I visit the URL sentry.mydomain.com and I enter admin’s credentials. The redirected url stays the same (sentry.mydomain.com) but page shows me the No Organization Access page. However, when I enter manually the url sentry.mydomain.com/settings/myorganization/ I can see the dashboard.

Sentry version used 20.10.1. Do I miss something? Is there an option I should set in order to show the dashboard page in the homepage url?

To whom it may concern, the issue was the role of the logged in user. At first it was admin. After changed it to owner then I could visit the homepage which (of course) redirected me to the Issues page (which was not the case with the admin role).

The role can be changed by visiting /settings/<organization>/members/ and click on the member you want to change its role to owner. In the next page you select owner and hit Save Member button at the bottom. Don’t forget to logout (just to be sure) and login using this user’s credentials.

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