Limitations of self-hosted Sentry

I am planning on demoing Sentry to my company as a replacement for a more limited homegrown system. For security reasons we need to ensure that our data doesn’t leave our networks. I want to ensure that onpremise doesn’t phone home or otherwise send out data to third parties other than explicit integrations. When I set up onpremise for the first time, it did ask about reporting data anonymously. I selected anonymous, but I’d like to turn that off completely. Is that possible?

Also, what limitations are there to self-hosted product? Can I still do Github and JIRA integration?

Hi @misleb!

Great to hear you are demoing Sentry to your company! :smiley:

If it is okay to use a cloud network (if your network is there too), you may be interested in the single-tenant solution too, just saying. /cc @matt

Absolutely: (that said the data reported is just aggregate metrics and helps us improve Sentry on-premise)

No limitations at all as itself runs the same code that you get for on-premise. Then only thing is, right now the current stable release is 9.1.2 which is a bit behind. For latest features, updates, and fixes you may wanna try starting off from which should be fairly stable.

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