Limited dashboard visualization types on self-hosted sentry(dev 21.2.0)

Hi staff,

I have a question considering dashboard visualization types on my on-premise sentry service.

I am using a self-hosted sentry service

Docker image: GitHub - getsentry/onpremise: Sentry On-Premise setup
Releases: Sentry 21.2.0.dev07707734

However, tables, world map and big numbers are said to be supported in the [doc]
(Custom Dashboards | Sentry Documentation), but I can not find them in the Dashboard - dashboard widget builder -

May I know whether above visualization types are supported in any on-premise sentry release?

Any guidance is appreciated!

Sovled with on-premise release 21.4.1.

It would be better if these changes can be included in the releases note on on-premise github repo.

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Hi mikkylok,

I’m running on-premise 20.12.1 and I’m missing custom dashboards option. Was it enabled by default in your case or you had to enable it by activating feature in

Hi failoman,

Sorry for the late reply. It is enabled by default. Below is the code block possibly related to Discover/Dashboard in my 21.4.1) for your reference:

SENTRY_FEATURES["projects:sample-events"] = False
        feature: True
        for feature in (

Since I couldn’t find a note that states the differences between releases, I couldn’t tell if your release(20.12.1) has custom dashboard option. I would suggest upgrading to 21.4.1, because it has the most complete analytics so far compare to previous releases.


Hi, BYK from the future here :smiley: We will be adding these in the coming several months. You can follow this issue to get updates: Missing changelogs for each release since move to CalVer · Issue #21594 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub

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