Manual Clean Up

Hi community, following a disk fill event we had to shut down Sentry. On the GitLab page there is reference to the scheduled cleaning procedure and we were wondering if it was possible to perform it manually before restarting Di Sentry, to start from a clean situation with a suitably sized disk. Thanks for support

You can run sentry cleanup --days 90 do remove all events older than 90 days. Adjust 90 according to your needs :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply BYK.
Our infrastructure team says that most of the disk space is occupied by Kafka, so I have other questions :smiley:

  1. does the clean up command work only on databases or also on Kafka’s topics?
  2. Is Kafka customized or can we refer fully to the Apache documentation?


Hi @francesco.giglio, glad my reply helped a bit!

To my knowledge, none of the clean up commands touch Kafka, so the answer to your first question is a no.

We simply use the Confluent’s images for Kafka so if there are any customizations made, they are the ones from Confluent, not us. That said we set the following environment variables:

They may also be interested in Reducing the number of partitions is a non-trivial operation on Kafka so we haven’t done this yet.