Memory leaks in c++ library

When I compile a sample cpp app on debian and rhel linux with native sdk I’m getting a lot of runtime memory leaks. Can someone address that?

Hi @Danil! We fixed quite a few memory leaks on latest master along with a general overhaul of the library. While there might be still a smaller number of remaining leaks, I’d encourage you to try out master and let us know if it’s better now.

However, please note that there are a few “expected” leaks. On startup, we initialize a few globals that are intended for the entire process lifetime. Likewise, Crashpad (used by default on macOS and Windows) registers such globals, which are usually detected as leaks. You can see that we explicitly ignore those in our own leak tests.

Hi, @Jauer. I don’t see premake and gen_linux on the main github repo. It’s only available on release page. How can I get the latest gen_linux?

Good point! We switched the build system to CMake for the upcoming 0.2.0 release of the SDK. To build the SDK, you can run these steps:

# Create makefiles in ./build
cmake -B build

# Build the SDK
cmake --build build --parallel

More examples and configuration options are described in the README, or at Also, the Changelog describes all differences to the latest release.

There are still a lot of memory leaks in the latest update. Fill all of them please. This is not acceptable.