Migrating from 9 to 10 LAMP to Container

Hello, our environment wasn’t setup to support containers when I setup 9 over a year ago.

Now we do and I was wondering how hard it is to export all the data and import to the new machine if it’s a container?

If someone could point me to some documentation that would be great.

The old machine is:

Centos 7.8
Python 2.7


I think if you are okay potentially loosing some in-flight data, all you need is to move your Postgres data into a Docker volume named sentry-postgres. Our install script will take care of the rest (assuming you are on a version prior to v10).

If you are not on v9.1.2, we’d need you to upgrade to that first and the upgrade to the latest version (you can skip all versions between 9.1.2 and latest for now)


Thank you for your reply.

Actually, after talking to the Developer who maintains it, he doesn’t seem that concerned about starting from scratch. So we can try to migrate and if it doesn’t work, he’s cool.

Sorry if this is off topic, but I noticed the DB is 270GB. We had the old server mounted on our Isilon NFS storage but realized that’s negatively impacting our L3 cache hits. This new one will be on a local flash drive. Is there a way to set retention on the DB to 90 days in Sentry? Or is that something we’d have to do in postgres itself like setting up partitions that age out?

Feel free to link me to another post or I’ll just create a new thread.

Thank you very much for your help.

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This is the default for v10 and onwards as it is how we recommend using Sentry: onpremise/.env at bdd2686021cfea07507bc07d2756ac34a775c680 · getsentry/onpremise · GitHub

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I’d still recommend at least using export and import to keep the DSNs same as otherwise you’d need to change them in your clients.



I’ll definitely pass that along.

I stumbled on that yesterday and 90 is exactly what the dev and I decided on. I’ve mounted a 100G LVM where the volumes are stored, so hopefully that’s enough.

Thanks so much!

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