Moving to a new server : from 9.0.0 to 9.1.2 (docker)

I have a running Sentry on Centos7 with 9.0.0.
I’d like to move our Sentry to a new server 9.1.2 (docker). I don’t care about the data just need the metadata: projects, members, teams.
I tried sentry export and import with no luck. got django errors. searched google but it seems there is no solution.
Is it possible to copy the data between versions and servers?
Please advise.

I had a mistake when dumping the postgres. the dump wan on another database name.
Anyway, this is the process:
Copy the dump.rdb from redis (enter redis-cli and SAVE).
Dump the postgres database.
Copy both to the new Sentry sever. Mine is custom docker-compose on COS (gcp).
Stop the redis, sentry,worker and cron containers.
Copy dump.rdb to docker container. copy postgres dump to postgres container and restore it.
Start sentry containers and enter to the sentry web docker and run:

sentry sentry upgrade --noinput

After it finishes, you have a new sentry with all data from old Sentry.

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