Migrating from helm chart to onpremise

I was wondering about what are some possible strategies for migrating between the helm chart and onpremise version.
We found kubernetes to be a bit too complex for our org and are wondering how we might migrate data to an onpremise instance.
We have full control over both environments (single machine each) and can tolerate downtime.
The simplest way I see is first making sure that both are on the same Sentry app version, then unmounting database volume from k8s machine and mounting it on onpremise machine and copying data to db volume manually.
Would that actually be possible?
Otherwise, is there some data export functionality we be able might use?
Or would we need to configure database replication

Yeah, this sounds about right. That said if you are on version 10 or later, you’d need to do this for Clickhouse, Redis and Kafka too.

If you are okay losing historical event data, you can also use our quick backup & restore feature: https://develop.sentry.dev/self-hosted/backup/#quick-backup

We landed some important fixes around this last method so I recommend upgrading to the latest version first and then do the backup/restore dance.

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