Sentry 9.1.2 on k8s (helm)

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I have installed Sentry 9.1.2 on Kubernetes by Helm from stable/sentry.
How can I activate a trial period for testing propouses?

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Hi! The trial period only applies to our SaaS version:


Thank you for your answer.
Is there any way to upgrade subscription for this kind of installation?

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@vofish - I am very confused as to why you even ask for an upgrade? With on-premise you get the full version of Sentry. The version you are using is 9.1.2 which is a bit old so if you need feature parity with, I recommend you upgrading to version 10. But as long as you host your own instance there is no subscription, no trial period, no fees no anything. It’s just the maintenance burden.

Burak, thank you for your answer.
Could you please share a manual about how to upgrade on-premise to v. 10, if any?

@BYK, please update if there is any manual how to upgrade on-premise to v.10?

@vofish - you may try if you are not using a docker based setup. Once you are on the Docker-based setup, the install script will take care of upgrading. If not, you can read the script and pick the parts you see fit. The most important part would be getting Snuba and its surrounding services up and running and then running sentry upgrade to do the data migration. It will take care of moving your event data to Snuba too.