Sentry migration to Kubernetes

Hello Team,

Currently, I am running Sentry v.8.22 on AWS kops cluster with the following components.
1- AWS RDS postgres DB .
2- AWS ElastiCache redis .

Now i want to migrate my current deployment to v.9.1.2 on Kubernetes, my setup is .
1- AWS RDS postgres DB .
2- Redis:latest image from dockerhub.

What i have learned so far is .
1- I can do database migration by starting a new RDS instance from snapshot then run ,
“sentry --rm web upgrade”

However i didn’t find any docs on how to migrate from elasticache to redis container, do i even need to copy anything from there ?

sentry --rm web upgrade this is not entirely correct. You need to run upgrade in your main Sentry container.

Regarding ElastiCache, I’d try to migrate your data to your new Redis instance (we don’t have any docs around this as this is not relevant to Sentry installation but your specific setup). If you lose data in Redis (or ElastiCache) it should be mostly in-flight job and event data so you’d keep most if not all of your event history.