Minidump Endpoint URL - can't find it

We’re running 8.22.0 and I can’t find the “Minidump Endpoint URL”. Where is it? is it not available to me or do I need to turn something on to access it?

The documentation ( says

If you have already integrated a library that generates minidumps and would just like to upload them to Sentry, you need to configure the Minidump Endpoint URL, which can be found at Project Settings > Client Keys (DSN).

My “Client Keys (DSN)” page only has options for “DSN”, “DSN (Public)”, and “CSP Endpoint”. But no “Minidump Endpoint”.

I know I’m missing something, I just don’t know what.

Thank you for any help

@JasonDeArte its only available in Sentry 9+

that would explain it :wink: