Multiple instances of an integration

I want to route my notifications via to different integrations in PagerDuty, so that I can notify different groups based on a property, e.g., the url.

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Is there any news or updates about this? Seems like a pretty important feature for supporting multiple environments properly.

It’s something we want to do yet, but haven’t prioritized it.

My company is using two different legacy integrations for “PagerDuty v9.1.0.dev0” One for project A, and another for project B. The > Settings > Alerts > Rules are correct, the event should send a notification to our Slack channel and PagerDuty. We receive the Slack notification (this channel is shared between to the two projects) but although the alert rules look correct, no PagerDuty incident is generated?

That said, using the “Test Plugin” button, does generate a PagerDuty Incident?

Any help would be appreciated.

The Test Plugin should send a ‘notification’ which is an incident in PagerDuty.

At this point we support multiple “instances” of plugins (though thats not how they’re treated), but only for new integrations. e.g. Slack does this today.

We’ll be launching some core API platform stuff in the upcoming months which makes this easier for the public to build on top of our SaaS, without us pulling in a lot of custom Python code for each customer.

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Hi @zeeg, thanks for the quick reply.

This is how we configured our projects initially back around May 2018. The ‘Test Plugin’ button does work exactly as you said and is what we want. Something serious our software does needs to have PagerDuty Call or Text someone 24/7.

At the time we set this all up, we also have send a notification to our Slack channel and that has always worked; we’re just not seeing send a notification to PagerDuty.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Configured on the exact same rule? The pagerduty plugin I believe classifies as a “legacy plugin” in the rule editor, so either of these two conditions should be triggering it: