Sentry reopening old - closed Jira tickets


We enabled the Sentry-Jira legacy integration and we are linking the Sentry issues with a Jira key in the right panel of the Sentry issue.

However, we are having multiple unexpected behaviors where we close a Sentry issue (and hence Jira’s ticket) and months later Sentry is reopening the old Sentry issue and Jira ticket.

These are some weird scenarios that are happening:

  1. The same Stack trace generates a completely different error and Sentry reopens the Sentry issue as a new event and then the Jira ticket is reopened as well. Ideally, we were expecting Sentry to create a different Sentry issue and hence it won’t reopen an already closed Jira ticket.
  2. We know that a certain part of the code will generate events from time to time (eg. from a 3rd party tool) , we don’t want to change those errors to Warning or Info level. However, even know we know more Sentry events will be created, we don’t want Sentry to reopen the Sentry issue (and hence the Jira ticket). What’s the option here? Ignore the events?? but clicking on Ignore, reopens the Sentry issue and hence the Jira ticket. Then, closing the Jira ticket, closes the Sentry issue and removes the Ignore. Other than removing the link temporary, what supposes to be the best way to handle this? In addition, if we change it to Warning or Info, if it will generate the Sentry issue using the same stack trace will it reopen the same Sentry issue as a new event or will it create a new Issue?
  3. We have a scenario where the Sentry issue was fixed and hence the jira ticket was closed. Then, we tried something in the development environment and it triggered a new event in the old Sentry issue, hence reopening the old Jira ticket. How can we make sure we generate a new Sentry issue if it’s coming from a different environment?

Has anyone found these issues as well? Any suggestions?