Nagging issue makes bill too high

We are currently giving a try to Sentry, as before it we used Github issues (which was not perfect, TBH). Our app is made with Django.

We currently have an issue that will not be resolved (because we cannot do it), but it is not a critical one. However, Sentry is getting events once and once again.
With Github, as I made a custom middleware to handle errors, I just made that if the triggered error was that specific one, to not submit a new issue.

However, I don’t know if I can do something similar for Sentry. Because if not, it will be consuming all the paid usage with a single issue…

Hi Diego, to prevent events from being sent to Sentry, you can either hook into the SDK ( or use “Inbound Filters” in the project settings ( Events that are filtered with either of those two methods do not count against your plan.

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