Next version release date?

I’m interested in using the core dump functionality discussed in previous posts. It looks like there are code updates reflecting core dump in git, but I would prefer to use a release version if possible. Is there an expected date?


We generally release approximately once a month.

That said, if you’re on, changes go out roughly 1-2 hours after they land in master.

The current release is 4.22 (also on Docker hub).
Previously the releases were once a month, as you said, but this seems to have stagnated since November.
I’m now using Docker hub, do you recommend switching to the master branch and building myself?

I’m about confused on the recommended approach anyway, should I use or ?

I now use the latter, which works fine, but the onpremise / Docker-Compose option maybe more extensible and up-to-date.

Looks like we fell behind here. We’re likely going to change the release cycle to something a bit less frequent, and the next release will likely be 9.0, and likely be in ~one month.

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Thanks for the update, so for now I will remain on the regular Docker instance.

(only after a few months I see my error, the published version is 8.22, not 4.22)

@zeeg Will there be an official Sentry 9 release from GitHub?