Sentry 9 Release

As you all may have noticed, we’ve just pushed out a bunch of Sentry 9 features to GA (meaning, people who didn’t opt-in via early adopter). You can view the release announcement here:

If you’re using Sentry on-premise, we’re aiming to have 9.0 tagged by June 18th. It might happen earlier than that, but we’ve got a number of things that we have to get done to make that happen yet.


We’ve decided we’ll be doing a beta release first given the significant amount of changes present in this release. The intention is to tag that on the same timeline.

Additionally, here’s the current draft changelog:

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Update: We’re running approximately one week behind schedule currently. Likely a week from Monday we’ll have a release candidate available.

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Just to follow up on here, I have tagged 9.0.0rc1 on Friday, both for traditional python installs as well as a tag up on Docker Hub if you’d like to try it out.

There shouldn’t be any anticipated issues, but some testing would be greatly appreciated before we move forward with tagging 9.0.0 final.

Thanks for the interest!


Maybe the ENGINE default should be changed?

I would highly encourage not to change it to what it’s being changed to there. I’m not sure why they’re doing that, but that’s not our default at all. Our default is sentry.db.postgres.

There are reasons why we don’t use the one built into Django. We have lots of things going on in here that you most likely want:

Thanks for the info, I had the right value in git, but somehow not in my host settings.

Hey Guys,

So for the installation was smooth sailing, even got the full Slack experience working after some fierce debugging (and realizing I needed a Workspace app).

Will the plugins docs also be updated on the actual release with how to configure Slack and possibly other more advance configurations? :slight_smile:

But for the rest, not much to complain :+1:

We’ll be updating it (at some point?), but @jessla wrote up some docs here in case anyone else is confused:

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