On-Premise Sentry Base url error

I have hosted on-premise sentry on domain name - X, and ip - Y.
Now all the routing is done on ip -y , I want to configure my base url to domain name -X.
So, all routing is done on Domain name - Y.

How can i do it?

Why i need this is because my ip address is private but domain name is public.

Settings - On premise sentry running through docker-compose, so i don’t have any congif.yml file, i only have docker-compose.yml file.

I have setup sentry on premise similar to this link: https://mikedombrowski.com/2018/03/self-hosting-sentry-with-docker-and-docker-compose/.

You do have it :slight_smile: You are allowed to change the config.yml and sentry.conf.py files in the on-premise repo before running the install script or running other things. Also, you should be able to change the system.url-prefix setting from inside Sentry UI (it is normally asked in the initial setup screen on fresh installs).