Over free limit

Due to a runaway issue that was out of our control, we managed to kill our 10k free quota in about 2 days before we noticed and fixed it! Is there away of recovering the lost error credits or do we have to wait until next month. On average we use about 1k a month so to burn through our 10k in 2 days and being 5 days after the last reset its rather annoying.

You can start a trial if you haven’t already, but otherwise the only real option you have is to pay for a subscription (from there you can always turn on/off on-demand when its needed).

@zeeg this happened to me too, I started a trial and then when the trial finished I was put on the new developer plan, thus downgrading my account from 10k to 5k! I contacted support but was basically implied I somehow downgraded my account myself and that nothing could be done. I figured you might want to be aware of this happening and how support responded as you’ve now one annoyed customer, I’ve recommended Sentry to a lot of people over the years.

Others need to be warned that they might loose there legacy 10k plan if they sign up for a trial as its not explained this would happen anywhere.