PHP client not detecting revision in path for rollup grouping

We are having a problem where identical exceptions are being put into multiple groups. These groups appear to line up with when we deploy a new version (possibly because a deploy creates a new directory).

I noticed that the docs on rollup mention finding the revision hash in the path. Is there a way to explicitly specify what part of the path contains the revision hash?

We are using version 1.5.0 installed with Composer.

We’ve had a couple of these cases reported and I’m investigating whats going on.

Looks like the other issue isn’t related. How are you configuring Sentry and are you using the latest version of sentry/sentry and sentry/sentry-laravel?

We are using sentry/sentry=1.5.0 and do not have sentry-laravel installed.

We construct the client like this:

    return new \Raven_Client($dsn, [
        'curl_method' => 'async',

@jmikkola if you use sentry-laravel your problems will go away, but fundamentally you have to configure prefixes/app paths for things to work well.


A few follow-up questions:

  • We don’t use the laravel framework. Is sentry-laravel still the right thing to install?
  • Could you point me to the docs on configuring the prefix? The only mentions of prefix I can find refer to system.url-prefix.

@jmikkola what you want is the PHP docs, which cover the specific usage of that SDK:

That worked, thank you!