Problem with URL

I have installed a Sentry at my workplace with docker-compose.
The problem that I’m encountering is the following:
If I’m clicking on various links on the Sentry home page on the left, after a few times I get an error that says Page not Found.
After that I can see that the URL is wrong.
The URL is like this:
As you can see it does not point to the right destination. At the first part there is the URL from where I’m coming, and it just pastes the new URL where I’m going at the end.
I’ve tried it with just the ip and the original port, and it messes it up also, so Nginx is not the fault.
Please help.

This is a known bug that has been fixed in master but we have not tagged a release since 8.22.0. If you enable “Early Adopter” does it work?

Hi Billy, thanks for your reply.
I have enabled the Early Adopter function on the Sentry GUI for the Organization. Is there anything else that I’m supposed to do if I want to test if it’s okay?
Because I’m still encountering the same problem.