React-native android error don't match to source code

I’m using sentry with react-native to build android and ios apps. Today I have exact problem with errors from android, but it can be possible for ios too.
After each release builds source maps successfully upload to sentry. But I have strange errors stacktrace.

It looks like using different source maps.

issue link

that’s a known issue in react-native with Android generated sourcemaps (iOS works).


Thanks, but in my case i have whole file with blocks

gameKindReverse (str) {
switch (str) {
case ‘Тренировка’:
return ‘training’;
case ‘Товарищеский матч’:
return ‘friendly_match’;
case ‘Двусторонка’:
return ‘one_net’;
case ‘Игра’:
return ‘simple’;
return String(str);

and I don’t have lines for error.
I try to check nearest ~30 lines and can’t find error…

Depending on how your code is structured and the sourcemap is generated the result could be better or worse.
So it could be just a few lines, but also be a completely different file.

We are trying to reach out to someone of Facebook so we can sort this out.