[React Native] Pushing device information to Sentry

We are using the raven-js library with a React Native project. Right now the device information doesn’t show up in Sentry

Is this supported?. If not, where we should start looking at to get this implemented. This is a feature we would love to have.

It’s not yet supported but we’re actively improving our RN support.

Hey @zeeg,

Thanks for the reply. Is there’s a way to send this using the API?. If it’s not supported out of the box, we may implement something using the API


@orlando I’m not sure we allow setting this yet today in the raven-js SDK, but you could probably do it with the dataCallback option. You’d want to bind the following:


awesome, I’ll take a look @zeeg


Hey @zeeg

I created a PR to expose the Contexts interface in the raven-js library. https://github.com/getsentry/raven-js/pull/809

With this, we can set device information in React Native from JavaScript

I hope you guys can take a look next month.