React Native and Swift

Hello. We have an iOS app using objc, swift, and react-native. For now, we have sentry-swift set up so we can send reports and get crashes. We use the sentry-swift lib for sending logs form objc, swift, and js code, using some small wrappers we made.

What I want to ask is if we should add raven-js also. To get all crashes, native or js ones, and to have a complete crashlog, native and js calls, how do we need to set this up? Is sentry-swift enough? Is raven-js enough? do we need both?

Thank you.

Hey pvinis. We’re working specifically on a client for react native which includes the whole thing. You can find the project here and we’re currently working hard on improving documentation and everything that goes with it:

With that you do not need any other client. We will update the raven-js documentation soon to reflect this.

that is great great news. i look forward to that. if i can test/help with something, ping me.