Receiving email alerts but issues now showing on Sentry dashboard

I am having a weird issue.

I am tracking JS issue with Sentry and it’s working well. I am receiving an email alert everytime Sentry detect an issue. I can access the page of the particular issue directly from the link in the email.

However, the events are not showing in my issues dashboard. It is always empty.

I might have checked something somewhere that may hide issue with the logger “js” but if that’s the case I have no clue how to start seing these issues in sentry on my dashboard. Even if I do a blank search with no parameters, these issues are not showing. The php issue are being showed correctly but no luck for the “js” issues.

Can anybody help me?

EDIT: Solved. I had to pay with the “Environment” drop down in the top right of the dashboard to be able to see these issues. This topic can be closed.