Release using branch does not show correct commits

Hello, I’m trying to configure “Releases” for my application but I see that Sentry does not present the commits when I’m working in a branch.

By using the recommended command sentry-cli releases set-commits $VERSION --auto and while I’m on a certain branch, Sentry only loads the commits from the master branch.

I tried using the parameters to specify the last commit (below) but this causes the “Unable to Fetch Commits” e-mail to be triggered.
sentry-cli releases set-commits $VERSION --commit "org/repo@branch_sha";

How can I achieve creating a release with commits from a branch?

Below is a release created with the first command showing only the initial commit on the wrong branch.

By contacting Sentry support about this issue I was prompted to try using the org@start..end notation to specify further which commits to use.

Sadly, even after trying that the results are the same and despite the successful result of the command (below) the commits are not loaded in the Sentry dashboard…

Created release project@c742903.
| Repository           |            Revision          |
| org / repo           | 1c4458f90000 -> c742903c0000 |

We will try to use this feature again when we move our code to the master branch and see if we get the desired results but for now there seems to be a problem when using different branches.