Restrictions on event level at ingestion time

I have many services sending events to Sentry, with varying levels (error, warning, info).

While this level can be controlled at the client side (through SDK code), is it possible to control the ingestion of events based on level within the Sentry app at ingestion time, and drop events that are not of a particular level?

Hi @vnmeier, as far as I know, this is currently not possible. It also makes more sense to not send these at all from the SDK due to efficiency reasons as you pointed out already.

Why do you need this on the server side?

Thanks for the reply - I had an inkling it wouldn’t be possible with the current architecture.

The reason I need it on the server side is our services have been sending info level events to our Sentry installation. After asking them nicely to stop sending such events, I wanted to take the next step of blocking such events from being ingested.

I guess that is out of the question, and now I’m back to asking them nicely :slight_smile:

I mean, if you really need to do something like this, I guess you can inspect the packages with a reverse proxy (say Nginx) and if they match a pattern, just drop them? There’s also this project, a work in progress, which is a Sentry relay:

It doesn’t have this feature you ask for but maybe it can inspire you in a helpful way.