RFC: Reducing alert noise in Sentry

We’d like your feedback on reducing alert noise in Sentry.

The Problem

Sentry can send you a lot of alerts, which can cause you to eventually tune out and miss important issues. Filters and grouping improvements help, but have limitations.

Proposed Solution: Bring notifications into the UI

Today, if you tighten your slack notifications you risk missing important issues. The idea is that if alerts are available in the UI, you can send your low-urgency notifications there, which you can review whenever you want, while sending only the high-urgency ones to slack (such as an issue affecting more than 100 users in an hour).


By default, new issues and reopened issues (when an issue goes from resolved/ignored to unresolved) will show up in a “Needs Review” list.

Marking an issue reviewed removes it from the list (it still remains unresolved, though). Think of it like “mark as read”. Resolving or ignoring the issue also removes it from the list.


One downside of this new workflow is that it’s more manual work. If you don’t acknowledge things, this list is going to just grow indefinitely (and it would be harder to know what’s been looked at already). We could mitigate this with a time-based auto-acknowledge. Or just have this be a list of dismissable notifications not tied to issue state (the downside being if you see an issue via a slack notification you’ll see it again in this feed because you can’t mark it reviewed at the issue level).

Which model would you prefer? Any other feedback / suggestions are also welcome.

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