Russian ISPs blocking

Russian government has started legal proceedings to block the Telegram messaging app and blocking Google Cloud subnet has address this address is also blocked.

To save the service from Russia, please transfer to another IP address.
All blocked addresses you can see here:

If all of Google Compute is being blocked, it’s unlikely there’s anything we can do here. We are hosted in Google Compute, so it’s not like we can just get an IP address outside their range without literally running in another provider entirely.

Google Cloud is not full blocked. At the moment, at least these networks are available: - - -

But it looks like most other networks will work: - - - - - - - - - - - -

Either way, unfortunately, we can’t just request IPs in specific CIDR blocks we want, nor do I care to play whack-a-mole while the Russian government is blocking wide ranges of Google Compute IPs. It’s also non-trivial for us to just change IP addresses, so there’s not likely anything we can do here.

Place a proxy on some cheap cloud server (e.g. a Scaleway). These measures might be effective against the average citizen, but just as DNS blocks are easily circumvented by tech-savvy ones.

I would suggest if you’re experiencing these problems you simply proxy requests through another company to Sentry (and to whatever other services are going to be affected, as its likely not isolated).

Thank you for your reply. Will have to place a proxy or on-premise Sentry instance.

Russian government promises to unblock Google Cloud subnet