SAML Generic doesn't work with local on premise

Hi guys,

I have the Sentry On Premise dockerized.

I read the official document and installed the plugin getsentry/sentry-auth-saml2 .

In the htt.p.s.:././ mySentryExampleDomain /manage/status/packages/, I am able to see the plugin python3-saml (1.6.0) and sentry-auth-saml2 (0.1.0.dev0).

But, following the document, I can’t get the URL, ACS, SLS and metadata,

My Test: mySentryExampleDomain /saml/acs/{my_organization}/
(like this example /saml/acs/{organization_slug}/ present on the document).
In this case, everytime that I try to get the url’s, the console returns to the homepage (ht.t.p.s:././ /organization).

I would like to use ADFS local. But, if necessary, I can use other sign way. (Okta, OneLogin…)

could Someone help me, please?

Thank you so much!

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Did you get any solutions?