Search not matching text in "Additional Data"

Here is the URL of the search:"refresh_dashboard_data". It brings up zero search results.

Here is some of the “Additional Data” (in a section titled “Sidekiq”, which is the name of our worker job runner) from an unresolved issue in our inbox:
context: Job raised exception,
job: {
args: [
backtrace: 15,
class: BackgroundMethod::UrgentInstanceJob,
created_at: 1529676648.0087745,
enqueued_at: 1529676670.9895606,
jid: b4bd7f36e6393ecccd026d73,
queue: urgent,
retry: True
jobstr: {
“class”: “BackgroundMethod::UrgentInstanceJob”,
“args”: [“MyClassName”, 1234, “refresh_dashboard_data!”],
“retry”: true,
“queue”: “urgent”,
“backtrace”: 15,
“jid”: “b4bd7f36e6393ecccd026d73”,
“created_at”: 1529676648.0087745,
“enqueued_at”: 1529676670.9895606

I need to be able to search by the name of the method that the background runner is calling, which is in this “Sidekiq” section of “Additional Data”. The class and exception are just the generic names of the background runner and the exception class, which is usually equally generic (e.g. RestClient::Conflict).

Search does not function over the additional data context. That’s purely for debug purposes and not indexed. If you want to index things you’ll need to send the attributes as tags (key/value pairs, strings).

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Got it, thanks! This looks like just what I need: