Semaphore PII stripping on all fields

How can I make the semaphore relay strip all the fields in a message

i.e. text fields include title and exception messages using custom rules? It doesn’t seem to be doing any stripping on those fields.

That’s not supported yet, and we can’t fix it right now because we are trying to achieve bug-compatibility with how datascrubbers in Sentry work. Sit tight for a couple months! Then we can consider changing this behavior.

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If we fork the service – is there a suggested way we can do this for all fields?

Yes, you just need to revert commits like this:

I.e. add pii = "true" to all metastructure() calls.

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Perfect thanks

Since we are using self-hosted Sentry 9.x we are using 0.4.44 so might not need to revert any commits for now and I’m assuming adding pii = “true” to additional options will work for 10.x as well since it’s forward compatible