Sentry sending mail via SES


im struggling a bit with sending emails from sentry VIA SES on AWS.
Im using to create the images and feed all the settings via ENVs.
my ENVs for mailing look like this:


sadly this fails with a STARTTLS error:
18:09:25 [ERROR] celery.worker.job: Task[c0888b62-b699-4ebf-92fc-db84dc81bc4f] raised unexpected: SMTPAuthenticationError(530, 'Must issue a STARTTLS command first') (data={u'hostname': 'celery@eb47693186cf', u'name': '', u'args': '[]', u'internal': False, u'kwargs': "{'message': <django.core.mail.message.EmailMultiAlternatives object at 0x7f9273b0bdd0>}", u'id': 'c0888b62-b699-4ebf-92fc-db84dc81bc4f'})

im unsure if im running into this issue: ?

anyone got smtp working on AWS with SES?



solved after fixing a typo in the Environment :wink:

Are you configuring the ENV variables into the docker-compose.yml or file?

we are getting the ENVs from our docker environment.

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