Sentry-cli --strip-prefix does not seem to work

sentry-cli releases files testCLIRelease upload-sourcemaps . --ext map --ignore node_modules --strip-prefix '~/dist/' --rewrite --strip-prefix 'dist'

–strip-prefix seems to have no effect whatsoever

artifacts are being uploaded as:
I want them to be uploaded as:

I assumed that --strip-prefix ~/dist/ would solve this issue. I have not found anything in the docs to indicate this is wrong.

I have even taken a peek at the sentry-cli source code:

can anybody offer some suggestions?
sentry-cli v1.37.0

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I am having the exact same problem, trying to remove my prefix src. I think a tried all possible combinations of --strip-prefix and --rewrite. Would be awesome with some attention from Sentry, as this makes uploaded source maps useless.

Same issue here. Anyone from sentry going to investigate this?