Sentry.Integrations is undefined in lazy loaded SDK

I’m lazy loading Sentry as shown in the docs:

After Sentry.onLoad() is called, I expect to be able to use the SDK as if I had imported it into my bundle, like so import * as Sentry from '@sentry/browser'. However, it appears that Sentry.Integrations is undefined once loaded. I’m trying to use Sentry.Integrations.InboundFilters, which to my understanding should come with the SDK.


Sentry.onLoad(() => {
		integrations: [
			// ERROR: Sentry.Integrations is undefined
			new Sentry.Integrations.InboundFilters({
				blacklistUrls: [/]

EDIT: I tried adding integrations as a callback, and I do see the InboundFilters integration in the callback args. Does that mean the integration does come with the SDK, but it’s accessible somewhere other than Sentry.Integrations?

Sentry.onLoad(() => {
		integrations: integrations => {
			// integrations[0] is InboundFilter, 
            // how do I provide constructor options?
			return integrations

Can you try two things:
Either do this, add data-lazy="no"


or first thing to call:


problem is the Integrations do not ship with the lazy loader, so in your special case if you want to change the options you would need to not lazy load the SDK.