Sentry IntelliJ code decoration plugin

Anyone know of a plugin for intellij that would decorate the lineno of a log.error() w/ a red wavy and a link to the event rollup?

Want to make sentry issues more observable to where devs spend a lot of time.

We’d be interested in doing this as first class support. Are there details on what IntelliJ expects for a link format?


It’s possible to insert bookmarks to the IJ workspace in .idea/workspace.xml. As in:

  <component name="BookmarkManager">
    <bookmark url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/cargurus-domain/src/main/java/com/cargurus/domain/helpers/" description="SITE-A0F" line="74" \

Might include the issue tag there. Not exactly as tight integration you might hope for offhand, but at least you know there’s something there.

Not sure I’d advocate this approach offhand, but it’d be easier than creating an IJ plugin.

You can have Sentry provide a link to the file and line numbers by using this format:


There is some documentation on it here

Don’t forget you can change the port in Intellij and I think it is either 63342 or 63343 by default it could be either. In my case it is 63343 and I have DataGrip by Jetbrains also running which is 63342. So it would be wise to let the user configure the option (and maybe enable/disable it) in there account?


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