Sentry is alerting duplicate errors on every deploy

Currently, Sentry is alerting of the same issue on every deployment. How can I modify this setting to have a sentry alert in some time interval?
for example: if the error is appearing more frequently, then alert in an interval of time rather than wait for the next deployment and then alert about it.

thanks for your help.

Sounds like you’re looking for Metric Alerts

No, not this one. Suppose I got a issue, now I got the alert on the slack channel. if the same issue comes multiple times then there won’t be any alert for the same issue. but suppose someone deploy the code and now this alert will get delivered to channel as this is the new alert after the fresh deployment.
Is there any other way to tell the sentry to notify the issue when it comes in the same deployment?
I know this can be done by setting a threshold but what if the threshold is more and I still want to get alert for the issue.

I hope, I am making sense :slight_smile:

How about this one:

thanks :slight_smile:

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