Sentry is not sending events to webhook

I’m trying to make an internal integration with my custom application. Created Sentry webhook with published url. But unfortunately sentry is not sending events to my application. 3 times it had tried but unsuccessful. No more it is sending events :frowning: . Please see atrtached.

We’re having an issue that looks similar to this one. The interesting part is that we have a few internal integrations set up, and 2 of them had the following checkbox checked in their settings:
My observation is that in the last ~24h one of those integrations received issue.created, the other one got only issue.assigned and issue.ignored. The integrations are identical in terms of settings, the only difference is that the one more recently created received issue.created events, the other did not. I’m not sure if that is a valid hint, but it seems to be a consistent behavior.

I opened an issue with Sentry support, no resolution so far.