Client not sending events

I just installed a self hosted Sentry. I can confirm it works by sending a POST request to it with Postman. This event appears in Sentry.

Now I’m trying to send events from my electron application. This worked fine when sending it to the normal managed Sentry. I only changed the DSN to the self hosted one.
No events from the client appear in Sentry, nor any in the worker logs.

I imagine there may be a network error or something but I can’t tell from the client, it doesn’t give me any feedback. The CLI just says “event dispatched” without any feedback. The event from the CLI does not arrive either.

How should I debug this? Is there any way I can see the response from the request that the client makes to the server?
This is in Electron so I can’t see the request in the network panel.

Does anyone know how I can determine why the event from the client does not arrive on the server?