Sentry native symbols upload

Hello everyone,

We are currently using Sentry in our Android project and we are more then satisfied. But we will need to change a little bit of setup how we are using symbols, so we decided use external S3 server for debug information.

Our constellation in project depends on symbols from .SO files that we are using as shared libraries. The initial setup for uploading and generation of symbols from .SO files via gradle plugin was really fine, but we will need now to generate those symbols by our self and upload it to S3.

According to the documentation, I have tried using sentry-cli and following commands:

sentry-cli difutil check ./arm64-v8a/

Type: elf library
Contained debug identifiers:
> Debug ID: ec3007c4-6a19-3e51-bab2-64b86951f3fd
Code ID: c40730ec196a513ebab264b86951f3fd8d2c9c6d
Arch: arm64
Contained debug information:
> symtab, debug, unwind
Usable: yes

But when I tried to generate symbols from it by using:

sentry-cli difutil bundle-sources arm64-v8a/

I got the response like:
skipped arm64-v8a/ (no files found)

Please let me know what is preferred way how I can generate them and after that using from external S3 server.

Thanks in advance.