Sentry not able to connect to slack channel


I have been trying to integration slack notifications on our on-premise sentry server. Everything is configured ok, and slack app is installed and configured successfully in Sentry. However, when I try to add an alert rule for slack notification, it complains with following error:

The slack resource “” does not exist or has not been granted access in the Inviqa Slack workspace.

I have already tried to given all slack permissions to the Sentry app, but it does not help.

Has anyone faced this issue before?

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same issue here, i’m getting

16:33:40 [INFO] sentry.integrations.client: integration.http_response (status_string=u'200' integration=u'slack' error=u'method_deprecated')
16:33:40 [INFO] sentry.integrations.slack: rule.slack.channels_list_failed (error=u'method_deprecated')

in logs, i guess it’s related to (Deprecating early methods in favor of the Conversations API)

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I am also facing similar issue. I can see below log in sentry_onpremise_web_1 container.

sentry.integrations.slack: rule.slack.channels_list_failed (error=u’method_deprecated’).

So that means the Sentry to Spryker integration code is outdated :frowning:

I have created a community PR to help fix this issue. If it helps checkout my docker which can be used temporarily while sentry is fixes the issue docker pull shimandc/sentry:6912c5f


Is this fix available on 9.1.2 image?

Here is a patch for 9.1.2 (unofficial). I ported some of the fixes from upstream into our on-prem install.