* Unknown config option found: 'slack.legacy-app'


I’m trying to integrate Slack in sentry, but with no luck, I got * Unknown config option found: 'slack.legacy-app' and

web_1                      | 13:06:36 [INFO] sentry.integrations.client: integration.http_response (status_string=u'200' integration=u'slack' error=u'method_deprecated')
web_1                      | 13:06:36 [INFO] sentry.integrations.slack: rule.slack.channels_list_failed (error=u'method_deprecated')

when I try to create an Alert.

Here is my sentry/config.yml

mail.host: 'smtp'


filestore.backend: 'filesystem'
  location: '/data/files'
dsym.cache-path: '/data/dsym-cache'
releasefile.cache-path: '/data/releasefile-cache'

system.internal-url-prefix: 'http://web:9000'
symbolicator.enabled: true
  url: "http://symbolicator:3021"

transaction-events.force-disable-internal-project: true

slack.client-id: "323232.333000000" #fake key
slack.client-secret: "123123UYT123612671236712376" #fake key
slack.signing-secret: "56123671367123756123675" #fake key
slack.legacy-app: false`

and here is my install log https://gist.github.com/Iliyass/35ef42e4bb39187bf8015c96e7cbc5b7


Can you use one of the versioned releases such as https://github.com/getsentry/onpremise/releases/tag/20.9.0 as it says “latest” on your logs without downloading a newer Sentry image which should have this option in it.

I have removed all the images, and checkout to 20.9.0 tag, and I successfully a new action to send a notification in Slack and specified the channel name, and it’s saved correctly, but I got no messages in my Slack channel when I issue an event test, how can I debug Slack Integration? logs maybe?


If there’s an issue, I expect it to see on the logs somewhere, yeah. Can you share your logs?