Sentry not using backed up files from S3

This question is somewhat related to this one from a couple years ago.

I am testing migrating our on-prem Sentry (v9.1.2) data from the file system to S3 and I’ve noticed that after the files are migrated, when I restore a backup of our Sentry data, it does not find or use the data in S3 despite being configured to use a specific bucket and the files being available.

I tested uploading a new profile picture and Sentry created a new object in the S3 bucket despite the old profile picture being there already (from the previous Sentry instance).

I was expecting our Sentry backup to discover the objects already in the bucket and reuse them but that does not appear to happen. Is this intended behavior or am I missing a configuration setting somewhere?

Solved the issue - it was on my end. The browser’s cache was tricking me into thinking the pfp’s were working but the artifact downloads were not which had me confused.

After a manual s3 sync from file system to s3, everything seems to work just fine.

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