Sentry on premise scalability & architecture

Hey, I work for a company that manage all of its product in a completely closed self internet.
we have our own package manager(jfrog artifactory) that handles npm, docker images, nuget packages, etc…
we have our own servers that we maintain by ourselves and our own applications running on these servers and we are interesting in the sentry on premise solution to be fully working inside our internet.

I tried to google sentry architecture to see what this kind of stuff requires, but unfortunately I wasn’t found anything…

I would like to know the full microservices architecture that runs sentry, which services do i need and roughly how everything is connected?

we are also interested in scaling sentry horizontally aka create multiple instances and some load balancing for each service sentry uses, we have our own OpenShift as well, so I was thinking if it is recommended to deploy sentry on OpenShift? and if so what yaml needs to be configured in order to have sentry on premise at scale? (multiple redis, multiple postgreSQL, multiple clickhouse maybe? etc…).
Is there a place where I can config say redis domain endpoint and behind the scene it is a cluster of redis instances?

Last question is about resources, what is the minimum and recommend cpu/ram/volume for each service? you are handling a massive amount of web apps, we are handling a few dozens of web apps.

I would really appreciate any help in all of that matter!

Best regards.

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