Sentry privileges on Spark


I have a question regarding Spark privileges with Sentry on Hadoop cluster.

First, some background -

  1. I’m using CDH version 5.13.2
  2. Acl sync on HDFS enabled
  3. Impersonation disabled
  4. Grant on database level and for specific cases gants on URI


  • Scenario-

There are two databases - db_a and db_b
In db_a there is a view which select from table which defined in db_b

I granted privilege for a specific user with read access (grant select) on db_a.

In Beeline/Impala/Hue the behaviour is as expected -
show databases shows only db_a
when user’s query the view in db_a it works perfect even the user don’t have any privilege on db_b.

The problem with Spark SQL -
When the same user is trying to access the view in db_a, it’s failed as yser don’t have access to db_b.

Again, same query with same user works fine in Hive/Impala

Is there any configuration q workaround to resolve the problem ?