Setting up Github Issue Integration


I am trying to figure out how to integrate our Github issues with the Sentry issues. To create a Github App I need to give it a webhook URL (mandatory), but where can I find that in the Sentry UI?

The Sentry docs also tell me to then configure some GITHUB_SECRET_KEY etc. - are those Django settings? Where will I have to put them, inside the web-app container?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


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It was very simple. I just added github APP keys and gave it extended permissions to repo. Sentry navigated where I needed to associate identity.

Sounds great, just where to exactly do that is still not clear to me:

What webhook URL did you specify when creating the Github API? I can’t find a place where it states that URL.

I just added github APP keys

Cool, but where/how?

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@cb109, did you resolve this issue? I am facing the same problem while following these instructions:

@au-phiware No, I went on and did not spend more time on this nice-to-have integration. We are still using Sentry, but not really their issues. Let me know when you find a solution.

I’ve discovered that I need to create a github oauth app which is different to a github app!

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Had trouble settings this up for on-prem sentry, but figured it out. I saw this article and realized it wasn’t an oauth app, but now a github app. Thankfully this is now documented!

Documentation here