Several JIRA integration improvement suggestions

Today I’ve set up JIRA integration and have a few fields for improvements:

  1. In the ‘Fix Version’ field, only show unreleased versions
  2. Sort all the versions descending (testers are most likely on one of the latest versions, not the earliest), and only show released versions here


Thanks for the feedback. Some follow up thoughts/questions:

  1. For fix versions, I’m not sure we’d want to prevent people from being able to specify released versions, but we could probably add whether the version was released or unreleased to the label if you think that would be helpful.
  2. What field are you referring to here? Again, we’d consider reversing the sort and/or adding released or unreleased to the label, but I don’t think we want to completely prevent people from using that choice.


  1. You’re right. Grouping would be a nice option where unreleased (collapsible) first would be a great feature.
  2. All version fields (fix version and affected version). Affects version should only contain released versions (so this group first). If users don’t release versions in JIRA (which they should), then you can always show the unreleased versions (ordered descending) as well.

Most important is the descending ordering. If we release 1.0 about a year ago, then we’re not really interested in viewing this version first, we are most likely working on the latest version.


Thanks for clarifying! I’ve filed an issue here: if you’d like to subscribe for updates.