JIRA ignored fields are not hidden in the create issue form

I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is an issue here. Anyone know?

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@therealfish I have a similar experience. Do you have you found a solution to this?

I have struggled with this as well, and the answer is so unintuitive…

Every input field has an ID and you have to use this id without the “id-” prefix.
Sometime the id is the word (Component/s - components); sometimes is camel case (Fix Version/s - fixVersions); sometimes not (Linked Issues - issuelinks)… and sometimes is like this:


As reference I’m using the following list (without quotes):
components, environment, epic, assignee, fixVersions, customfield_10008, versions, issuelinks, assignee

I am interested in setting up default values for fields like project, issue type, and to hide unneeded custom fields as is shown in the screenshots in first post.
Where can I find these settings when I use sentry.io and jira integration?