Showing Sentry logo on project's homepage

Hi !

I’d like to know if it would be ok to show a clickable Sentry logo (original size & ratio) pointing to Sentry website on my project’s homepage, as an acknowledgement and a thank you.

Cheers =)

Absolutely. You can use any of the images from our branding page:

Thank you for your answer !

I am grateful for Sentry and will proudly wear your colors =)

This has nothing to do anymore with the original thread, but I’ve tried searching for the answer to my question before coming here, and whenever I’ve tried accessing “”, I’ve been automatically redirected to my user page “”. I did not know I had to ask for “/welcome” in order to land on the front page. Is that by design ?

Cheers !

If you’re already logged in to Sentry, for convenience, we just redirect you to your organization dashboard.

Otherwise is a dedicated URL for our marketing landing page.